CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Cluster Z: “Centralised tasks”

Z2 abstract database

Cluster Z consists of two sub-projects (Z1, Z2). It includes the central administration and coordination unit as well as the data management and presentation unit of the SFB.

The Z2 project aims at developing a landscape archeological portal for adaptable data management and presentation as a configurable service system for local data integration, data export, universal data management, preprocessing of data, data analysis and data visualization. This structured data archiving portal combined with enhanced data output formats provide

• the backbone to achieve multiple applicable corporate standards for joint data evaluation and synthesis on the scales of transformation and the establishment of a common anatomy of transformation within the CRC and

• a sustainable data platform that will be available in the follow-up of the CRC via the Kiel university data management structures and the JMA, there interlinked with already existing specific local databases (e.g. Radon B) and combinable/connectable with overarching database initiatives (DAI, PANGAEA).

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