CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Z2: Datamanagement and Presentation. The Landscape Archaeology Geoportal 'LandMan' as Service for the CRC


 LandMan GeodataportalFig. 1: The spatial component of the LandMan Geodataportal showing selected spatial data of the CRC 1266.

The Z2 project aims at developing a landscape archaeological portal for adaptable data management and presentation as a configurable service system for local data integration, data export, universal data management, preprocessing of data, data analysis and data visualization. This structured data archiving portal named LandMan provides the backbone to achieve multiple applicable corporate standards for joint data evaluation within the CRC. In the first phase of the CRC 1266 a prototype of the data portal LandMan (Fig. 1) has been created and filled with exemplary data of some subprojects. In addition to the spatial representation of the contents, the structure of the portal also allows taking different perspectives, which represent the scientific backgrounds of the researchers (Fig. 2).

Heterogenous perceptionFig. 2: Heterogenous perception based upon different scientific background.

In the recent project phase 2, the systematic integration of the subprojects' data structures and data itself takes place. In addition, for a better understanding of transformation processes the data from the different subprojects has to be linked and semantically annotated. The aim of this phase is to implement LandMan as a tool in the research process of the subprojects as well as systematically analyzing the subprojects' data, not subproject specific like in A2 but overreaching using all available data. These studies require new methods for the integration, fusing, and linking data from diverse sources across multiple domains, as well as sophisticated methods for mining and assessing semantically rich link patterns that can be extracted from these networks. Our strategy in this second phase is to transfer these networks into a more structured form by mapping them on a Heterogeneous Information Network (HIN) that allows us to uncover semantically rich relationship patterns.


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