CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

F5: Social Dimensions of Technological Change

Experimental manufacture
Experimental manufacture of an asymmetrical bifacial sickle known from the Danish Bronze Age - Foto: Berit V. Eriksen

Technology represents an important medium for socio-environmental interactions  particularly in times of change. Either the introduction of new technologies is seen as a response to change, or technological innovation is itself seen as a trigger or a direct cause of a societal or environmental transformation. The main aim of the project is to investigate culturally-specific and general anthropologic patterns as well as individual decisions regarding how technologies are contested, chosen and rejected and how this relates to phenomena of transformation in socio-environmental interactions. This will be approached by involving international guest researchers to create dialogues with the PIs in the CRC.

Modern reconstruction of the funnel-beaker megalith Wangels
Modern reconstruction of the funnel-beaker megalith Wangels (Ostholstein) on the area of the CAU (picture: Karin Winter). F5 considers megatlihs as being ritual, social and architectual aspects of imperial and innovative technonologies.