CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

F2: Socio-environmental transformations and interdependencies

Profile of a Neolithic pit
Profile of a Neolithic pit, covered by culluvial layers and soils (picture: Stefan Dreibrodt)

The focus of project F2 concentrates on the role of environmental change for cultural development during phases of cultural transformations. Two approaches will be applied by using pollen-, geochemical-, and microfacies-analyses of varied spatial and temporal scales. On-site and near-site studies of sediments, buried soils, colluvial deposits and archaeological features will provide information on local living conditions, human activity and environmental change with high spatial resolution. To identify trans-regional human-environmental interdependencies, a comparison of annually laminated lake sediments on a transect spanning different ecological and cultural zones from Northwest Germany to Southeast Poland is envisaged.

Varves of Late Bronze Age lake sediments
Varves of Late Bronze Age lake sediments (thin section, picture: Stefan Dreibrodt)