CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

F1: Supra-regional crises: Abrupt climate change and responses of (multi-cultural) ancient societies in the western Mediterranean area and in Southern Central Europe around 4200 years BP


The aim of project F1 is to disentangle complex socio-environmental processes of transformations in a supra-regional and super-cultural view, and plans to assess the role of abrupt climate change and socio-environmental crises in shaping archaeological transformations exemplarily starting with the 4.2 ka BP event in the western Mediterranean region by a) geological analyses of marine climate archives to reconstruct hydroclimatic changes, i.e. precipitation (¿D of plant wax n-alkanes), seasonal SST (Uk37´, planktonic foraminifera/¿¿18O) and hydrography as quantifiable climate proxies and b) the exploration of archaeological materials that relate to the 4.2 event in the western Mediterranean through compilation and analyses of archaeological and palaeo-ecological data.


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