CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Cluster F: “Socio-Environmental Components of Change”

Graphic Cluster F

Cluster F is divided in five sub-projects (F1-F6), which are embedded in the research environment of focus 3. The projects concentrate on specific triggers, factors or components of transformation and related processes such as climate, demography and disease, vegetation and technology.

F1: Climate Constraints of Western Mediterranean Socio-environmental Transformation and Potential Implications for Central Europe

F2: Socio-environmental Transformations and Interdependencies

F3: Dynamics of Plant Economies in Ancient Societies

F4: Tracing Infectious Diseases by Analysis of Ancient Human Genomes and Skeletal Pathology

F5: Social Dimensions of Technological Change

F6: Population Dynamics and Socio-environmental Transformation

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