CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

E3 – The Hellenistic sanctuary as a perception and action context: Mutual influence between humans, architecture and landscape

Northern part of Corinthia
Sanctuary of Athena at Lindos on Rhodos view from the acropolis passing the stoa (3rd centuary BC) to the harbour.

The project investigates the transformation of the interrelation between built architecture and landscape during the Hellenistic period (ca. 4th to 2nd century BC) in the Eastern Mediterranean. The mutual influence between built space and natural space will be explored and linked to specific forms of agency, social behaviour and social contexts. The project will concentrate on the archaeological and literary sources of selected, well-investigated sanctuaries that enable a diachronic perspective towards the period of research.

Amphiaraion of Oropos
1. Amphiaraion of Oropos at the Northern border of Attica, in the background theatre and stoa (2nd and 4th century BC), to the right Amphiaraos temple (5th century BC)