CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

E1: Transformations in early Greek societies and landscapes

Aigeira Corinthian Gulf
View of lower terrace at Aigeira and the Corinthian Gulf (Peloponnese, Greece; photo: T. Keßler)

Project E1 aims to reconstruct environmental changes and their influence on cultural development in the region around the Gulf of Corinth during the Bronze Age/Iron Age transition (12th to 8th century BCE) based on a complementary study of sedimentary and archaeological archives, i.e. by applying geochemical, sedimentological and pedological proxies to sequences from selected valleys on the northern Peloponnese, Aetolia, and Boetia and by compiling and utilizing a survey of archaeological data from relevant regions around the Gulf of Corinth.

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Sampling plants
Sampling modern plants as reference material for the landscape reconstruction at Lake Stympphalia (Peloponnese, Greece)

Coring platform on Lake Stympphalia
Coring platform on Lake Stympphalia (Peloponnese, Greece)


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