CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

D1: Population Agglomerations at Tripolye-Cucuteni Mega-sites


D1 Grafik Siedlungsplan
Fig. 1. Südlicher Teil des Siedlungsplans des ukrainischen Fundplatzes Maidanetske nach geomagnetischer Prospektion. (Ohlrau 2015)


This project deals with the processes of formation and collapse of the Chalcolithic Cucuteni-Tripolye mega-sites with regard to social conditions and consequences, spatial behaviour, the organisation of subsistence and economy and the use of environmental resources. Such processes will be explored in three different regions, covering single mega-sites and their surroundings with a concentration on surveying, excavation, formal analyses of social space and palaeo-environmental reconstructions.

D1 Grafik Phytolithen
Abb. 2. Phytolithen. (Kirleis/Dal Corso 2016)


Phase 2 - Research activities 2020-2024

Phase 1 - Research activities 2016-2020





Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Bork

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Dr. Marta Dal Corso

Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology

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