CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

C2: The Dynamics of Settlement Concentration Processes and Land-Use in Early Farming Communities of the Northwestern Carpathian Basin

Geomagnetic map of the three Early Neolithic settlements of Vráble
Geomagnetic map of the three Early Neolithic settlements of Vráble. The pits belonging to houses are marked in red.

This project investigates early sedentary social agglomeration processes in the Carpathian Basin, focussing on the changes associated with social relations, subsistence strategies, mobility and land-use patterns. Through the implementation of archaeological, geophysical and palaeo-ecological methods, it takes a regional approach and concentrates on a comparison of local developments in settlement sites of different size and building density, inner- and inter-site interaction patterns and the dynamics of landscape changes, especially exploring landscape modification by human economic activities.

Preliminary analysis
Preliminary analysis of the flint and obsidian percentages of houses 131, 132 and 134 of the campaign of 2016



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