CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Theory and application encompass the work on theoretical foundations and methodological procedures of modelling within the CRC from a philosophical and from a practical perspective.

The concepts of social transformation and crisis, of practice, structure and agency, of temporality, and material culture are the starting points for the philosophical approach. The modelling project also focuses on the conceptualization of different scales of social transformations and crises, but concentrates more on practical applications, the relationship between concepts and data, controlled complexity-reduction, as well as the provision of formalized procedures, quantifications, and simulations.

The agendas of the projects in Cluster A focus on the analysis of the different theoretical starting points and methods, encourage and moderate interdisciplinary discussions, bring concepts together, confront, reconcile, engage and balance premises, methods, models, interpretations and conclusions, and thus contribute to the creation of a coherent discourse embedding the different disciplines. To this end, the projects in Cluster A are not narrowed down to single philosophical or methodological agendas, but their objective is to approach and deal with central concepts from explicitly different perspectives and to actively engage with the other projects in the CRC.


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