CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

The investigation of theories on transformation in prehistoric & archaic societies will take up starting points of environmental, cultural & social theories to identify basic theoretical approaches on the use of methodologies & on interpretation patterns.

In project A1, the theoretical conceptualization of the complex archaeological and palaeo-environmental factors influencing transformation processes of prehistoric and archaic societies will be developed. Middle range theories will be generated in close exchange with the other CRC projects to link the information of archaeological and palaeo-environmental archives with socio-environmental interpretations on transformation dynamics.

Based on the theoretical concepts of project A1, the modelling project leads to the development of an integrative modelling framework to analyse and simulate the spatial and temporal dynamics of transformation, adaptation and reorganization processes in human-nature environments of prehistoric and archaic societies. Based on the data and the expert knowledge gained for the different focus regions of this CRC, conceptual and computerized models will be set up in order to simulate the spatio-temporal patterns of development and change processes in human-organized landscapes.

New Publications