CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

A2: Integrative Modelling of Socio-Environmental System Dynamics

Model toolbox
Fig. 1: A2 modelling toolbox for phase 2

The development and application of an integrative modelling framework realised as suite of open source software tools builds the core of project A2. Using a reproducible research approach, the project closely collaborated with the case study projects (Focus B-E) of the CRC1266 in order to reconstruct and evaluate the different main transformation processes (complex foragers, horticulturalists, agriculturalists, metallurgists, pre-state/state societies) and to offer tools for their comparison. This work benefits from the joint work initiated during the first funding phase, where elements of the multi-faceted and -scaled nature of transformation processes in different periods and areas were discovered. During the current funding phase, project A2 further elaborates the integrative model toolbox by integrating methods of dynamic system analyses as well as agent-based simulations (see figure above). These will be accompanied by the hitherto developed and published software tools for the analysis of interactions (moin) and land use (LandUseQuantifieR), as well as landscape creation and perception based on uncertainty principles (FuzzyLandscapes).

Research activities 2020-2024

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