CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Research activities 2020-2024

A1: Theories of Transformation in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies


Research activities 2020 

The work conducted in A1 in 2020 focused on establishing the new team for the second phase of the CRC, including PIs, the post-doctoral researcher and two new PhD students. Based on the topics and research interests of the new work group, the conceptual orientation of A1 and the theoretical approaches that are particularly promising in this context were refined and further developed. This did not only include outlining the plans to be taken ahead, but also delineating collaborations between A1 and the other clusters of the CRC. Due to the Covid-19 situation inhibiting fieldwork and traveling, most of the work performed during 2020 was desktop-based. 

The conceptual work of A1 concentrated on the interrelation between philosophy of science and archaeology, as well as on aspects of ethnoarchaeological methodologies and anthropological approaches. In this regard one of the PhD projects focuses on the development of an integrative approach between quantitative ‘cross-cultural’ analyses and qualitative research based in theoretical considerations concerning ‘similarity’, ‘categorisations’ and ‘complexity’.

In addition to internal discussions within the CRC, we also put an emphasis on the participation in international discourses and discussions. For example, the A1 work group figured prominently at the 2020 virtual EAA conference in Budapest, Hungary, as session organizers, giving various talks, as well as a keynote lecture. Aspects of these joint explorations have fed into various publications in international journals, as well as into edited special issues, partially also in journals, by members of the work group.

Following lively discussions at conferences, through publications and within ongoing collaborations, the members of A1 are preparing further events and future fieldwork. A collaborative project based on the work of A1 and F1, is to be held between late 2021 and early 2022, between Kiel University and Kobe University, in Japan, involving depopulation and degrowth. The entanglement of archaeological and anthropological research will be thematised in an international workshop in Kiel in November 2021, the “Boas Talks”. Ethnoarchaeological fieldwork in Northeast India through one of the PhD projects in A1 is planned to start in late 2021. 


New Publications