CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

New interdisciplinary research on Maidanetske – a key site oft the chalcolithic Trypillia Mega-site phenomena

In European prehistory, population agglomerations of more than 10,000 inhabitants per site are an infrequent phenomenon. The unexpected discovery of the Trypillia mega-sites excavated nearly 50 years ago by Soviet, Ukrainian and Moldavian archaeologists using a multidisciplinary approach, uncovered the remains of more than 2000 houses spread over 250 hectares. Since then, the sites stay in focus of archaeological research at the border if the North Pontic Forest Steppe zone ca. 4100-3400 BCE.

Geomagnetischen Prospektionsareale

Overview of the geomagnetic survey area (ca. 150 ha) of Maidanetske with a detailed view of the northern area (Müller et al. 2017, fig. 3).

One of the key mega-sites is Maidanetske in the Central Ukraine. In 2013, an interdisciplinary European team of researchers started new excavations at the site. The analyses provoked many  questions: why, how and under what environmental conditions did Trypillia mega-sites develop? How long did they last? Were social reasons responsible for the transformation processes triggering changes in residence and settlement habit? The new publication “Maidanetske 2013. New excavations at a Trypillia Mega-site” addresses these questions by describing and interpreting findings and material culture of the site. Contributing authors of the CRC 1266 are Johannes Müller, Robert Hofmann, Wiebke Kirleis, Stefan Dreibrodt and Marta Dal Corso (sub-projects D1, F2, F3).

These questions are also research issues of the CRC 1266 sub-project D1 “Population agglomerations at Tripolye-Cucuteni mega-sites”. Paleo-ecological, geophysical as well as chronological analyses of recent and future research activities involve sub-projects F2, F3, G1 and G2. In order to understand urbanisation and agglomeration processes, the scientific discourse of D1 closely relates to the sub-projects C2 and E2.

„Maidanetske 2013. New Excavations at a Trypillia Mega-site“ ist als 16. Band der Reihe „Studien in Ostmitteleuropa“ im Rudolf Habelt Verlag unter der ISBN 978-3-7749-4018-5 erschienen.

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Titel Maidanetske 2013

Müller J., Hofmann R., Kirleis W., Dreibrodt S., R. Ohlrau, Brandstätter L., Dal Corso M., Out W., Rassmann K., Burdo N., Videiko M. 2017. Maidanetske 2013. New Excavations at a Tryplilia Mega-site. Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa, Bd 16. Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn. ISBN 978-3-7749-4018-5. 

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