CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Linear pottery settlement archaeology in southwestern Slovakia

Extensive excavation and fieldwork deliver first results of early sedentism and settlement dynamiks in the Carpathian Basin..

Activities settlement southwestern Slovakia
Vráble 'Vel'ké Lehemby'. Excavation trenches of 2016 from a height of roughly 60 m. The features of planum 1 are marked in red (Picture: Martin Furholt).

This year's excavation campaign of project C2 lasted from the 1st of August to the 29th of September and took place in one of the house groupings within the eastern Early Neolithic settlements of Vráble 'Vel'ké Lehemby'. In four trenches an area of roughly 2300 sqm containing four houses was uncovered. Apart from the typical long pits flanking the houses numerous postholes as well as a couple of bee-hive shaped storage pits were discovered. The most spectacular find consisted of a human skeleton (male, 20+) which was deposited at the border of one of the long pits and which lower legs and feet had been removed, probably in the course of the recutting of the pit.

Activities Siedlung Suedwestslowakei Skelett
Vráble 'Vel'ké Lehemby', trench 14. Human skeleton, the lower legs and feet are disturbed. The right arm is placed behind the spine (Photo: Martin Furholt).

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