CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Geomagnetic surveys and surface inspections near Segeberg

Currently, first fieldwork in the area of a Bronze Age burial ground near Bornhöved is in progress.

Extensive geomagnetic prospection
Extensive geomagnetic prospection of the Bronze Age burial ground near Bornhöved (Photo: Stefanie Schaefer).

Current field researches of the project D3 are concerned with geomagnetic prospections and surface inspection in the near of the Bronze Age burial ground at Bornhöved. References to structures in soil have already been compared with data from previous investigations. Remains of grave mounds and other soil findings are distinguished by geomagnetic figures. Some surface finds also suggest that in this area there were not only burial activities, but also settlements. The surveys take place continuously this winter. Excavations are planned for spring.

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