CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Fieldwork in the area of Duvenseer Moor

With comprehensive sedimentological analyses and georadar measurements ongoing research of the Mesolithic in the Duvenseer Moor is continued.

Fieldwork in the area of Duvenseer Moor
Drilling cores from the westen part of the Duvenseer Moor provide comprehensive palaeoecological archives (Photo: Daniel Groß)..

In collaboration with project F2 and G2 first fieldwork took place in the Duvenseer Moor, which is the central study area of project B2 “Transitions of Specialized Foragers”. Combined drilling and georadar investigations focusing on the western part of the area will gain information about the former lake basin, the sedimentation process of the fen and aims at discovering new Mesolithic camp sites.

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