CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Excavation and collection of botanical macro remains in Hungary

International project collaboration of the CRC in the course of the investigation of a Middle Bronze Age settlement (Vatya Culture).

Activities Ungarn
Work begins in Trench 2 in 2016. Features in the southern part of the house are being excavated, the excavated soil is being sieved in the background to ensure the best possible artefact recovery, and photographs of special finds are being taken (Photo: N. Taylor)..

The excavations of a Middle Bronze Age Vatya Culture house (1913 – 1527 cal. BCE) at Kakucs-Turján, Hungary were completed in early September 2016. The botanical samples from the site will be analysed in the frame of a PhD thesis by Sonja Filatova as part of the CRC sub-project F3. Some carbonised plant macro-remains have been sent for radiocarbon dating already, in order to refine the chronology of the site. The excavations are planned to continue in Summer 2017, as part of the on-going co-operation with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań.

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