CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

The Intergrated Research Training Group of the CRC 1266

Die Promovierenden

Supporting young scientists in their research on key issues of “Scales of Transformation” is of major concern for the CRC 1266. Associated in 12 subprojects, 18 doctoral candidates conduct research on interaction patterns associated with transformation processes and environmental change using different archaeological, palaeo-ecological, theoretical as well as methodological approaches. The dissertation projects of the young scientists correspond to the core topic of CRC 1266.

As an interdisciplinary scientific network, the CRC is a stimulating driving force for the doctoral students and their future professional progress. In this regard, the young researchers within the IRTG 1266 gain access to a wide range of expertise and experience in the high-quality scientific practice of the CRC. Until the successful completion of their projects, the doctoral candidates are supported in their respective disciplines and interdisciplinary dialogues.

The IRTG 1266 supervision agreement PDF

Principles for Doctoral Degree Regulations at Kiel University PDF

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