CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Julien Schirrmacher

Julien Schirrmacher

Supra-regional Crises: Abrupt Climate Change in the Western Mediterranean around 4.2 ka BP (2200 BC)

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F1: Supra-regional crises: Abrupt climate change and responses of (multi-cultural) ancient societies in the western Mediterranean area and in Southern Central Europe around 4200 years BP

PhD project

Supra-regional crisis: Abrupt climate change in the Western Mediterranean in relation to the “4.2 ka BP event”.

The study aims to investigate whether a severe drought – well known from the Eastern Mediterranean (EM) – around 4,200 years BP (2,200 BC) is also evident in the Western Mediterranean (WM). In the EM this event is known to severely affect human societies and trigger socio-economic crises. While paleo-environmental data in the WM remain relatively sparse and also contrary, socio-economic transformations are known from material culture for example.

In order to reconstruct the paleo-environmental conditions, precipitation and vegetation changes deduced from stable isotopes, δD and δ13C respectively, of terrestrial n-alkanes as well as Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) derived from alkenones will be measured on marine sedimentary archives and used as paleo-climatic proxies.

CRC 1266 Interlinking group

Human-Environmental Interaction

Research interests

Paleoceanography, Climate Reconstruction, Ocean Circulation


M.Sc. at CAU Kiel; thesis: Surface and subsurface hydrography at the Iceland-Faroe-Ridge linked to northern hemisphere ice sheet decay and thermohaline circulation variability between 36 kyr - 14 kyr

B.Sc. at CAU Kiel; thesis: Bulk-geochemische Charakterisierung der tertiären Seeablagerungen im Mudurnu-Göynük-Becken (Türkei)


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