CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Helene Rose

Helene Rose

Bayesian Modelling of the Transition from Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age in the Cross-Border Region of Schleswig

ZBSA, Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf 

Subproject G2: Timescales of Change - Chronology of cultural and environmental transformations



PhD project

Bayesian chronological modelling of the transition from late Bronze Age to early Iron Age in the cross-border region of Schleswig

This project will challenge the traditional chronological framework of the transition period late Bronze Age to early pre-Roman Iron Age in Schleswig (DK-DE), by applying Bayesian chronological modelling to a large number of radiocarbon dates.

The transition from Bronze to Iron Age in Southern Scandinavia is a continuous trend when looking at settlements and ceramic types, but the introduction of urnfield sites is an entirely new cultural trait. Because of cremation being the dominant burial form and the presence of the so-called ´Hallstatt plateau´ on the 14C calibration curve there is very few radiocarbon dates from this period, and as a direct result very little work has been done testing the typo-chronologies. The present project will challenge this ´Hallstatt plateau´ and to achieve this a large number of cremation burials will be radiocarbon dated and the results analysed using Bayesian chronological modelling. Hopefully, by the end of the project it will be possible to give an absolute chronological model for the given transition period and to clarify whether the existing typo-chronologies need alterations.

CRC 1266 Interlinking group

Quantification and Comparison

Research interests

Bayesian chronological modelling, physical anthropology, human osteology, dental anthropology, diet reconstruction, textile archaeology


Cand.scient. (MSc) in Biological Anthropology, Southern Denmark University

2007 - 2008
Max Planck Institute of Demography, Rostock (Survival Analysis and Historical Demography)

Exchange student at UCL, Institute of Archaeology (Dental Anthropology, Zooarchaeology etc.)

B.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology and Biological Anthropology, Aarhus Universitet

Work experience

Contract archaeology. Excavation of a medieval cemetery

2009 - 2013
Contract archaeology. Excavation and analysis of Iron Age burial sites, head-anthropologist of a large cemetery excavation (Viking Age -1800 AD).

Selected publications

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Madsen, H.A., 2011. Doktorhaven – en gravplads i Spjald midtby. Opdatering 2010. Årbog for Varde Omegn og By Museum, 2011, p. 81-86.

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Madsen, H.A., 2009. Operationen lykkedes... Skalk, 2009, no.5, p.13-15.

New Publications