CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Diana Panning

Diana Panning

Multi-method Geophysics and in-situ Measurements at Archaeological Targets: Constraint and Joint Inversion

Otto-Hahn-Platz 1, R. 411
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Subproject G2: Geophysical prospecting, classification and validation of settlement remains in changing environments


PhD project

Multi-Method Geophysics and in-situ Measurements at Archaeological Targets: Constraint and Joint Inversion

The aim of the PhD thesis is to develop a 3D-migration tool for the processing of GPR data with high measurement density. Besides this, an inversion tool is to be implemented, which inverts for permittivity and resistivity in correlation with soil moisture. It will make it possible to reconstruct archaeological key targets by their petrophysical properties.

The PhD thesis is being written as part of sub-project G2 which collaborates with the sub-projects B1, B2, C2, D1 and D3 of the CRC 1266. All of them have different challenges such as stratigraphy (B1 and B2), magnetic modelling and detection of archaeological structures (C2 and D1) and the reconstruction of burial mounds in dependency on the topography (D3).

CRC 1266 Interlinking Group

Quantification and Comparison

Research interests

Geophysics, Archaeology, Inversion Theory


2013 - 2016
University Potsdam; Master of Science Geosciences (Joint Inversion of P and S Receiver Functions, Z/R Ratio and Apparent Incidence Angle using a Global Optimisation Algorithm)

2010 - 2013 
Free University Berlin; Bachelor of Science Geological Sciences

2010 - 2013 
Free University Berlin; Master of Arts Prehistoric Archaeology (Discourse Analytical Considerations on Middle Neolithic Circular Ditch Systems)

2007 - 2010
University of Münster; Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Cultures of Egypt and Near East and Archaeology-History-Landscape

Work experience

Internship at the Federal Environment Agency Dessau, Department III1.5

Internship at the German Aerospace Centre in the Institute for Planetary Research, Dep. Planetary Physics, Berlin

Internship at Posselt & Zickgraf Prospektionen GbR, Marburg

2008 - 2012
several employments as student assistent for excavations at the Niedersächsisches Institut für historische Küstenforschung, Wilhelmshaven and at the Archäologiebüro ABD Dressler, Berlin

New Publications