CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Thomas Birndorfer

Thomas Birndorfer

Geo-archaeological and Palaeo-pedological Analysis of the Stymphalia Catchment in Southern Greece

Olshausenstraße 75 

Subproject E1: Transformations in early Greek societies and landscapes

PhD project

Geoarchaeological and palaeopedological analysis of the Stymphalia catchment in Southern Greece

Aim of this PhD project is to reconstruct the paleo-environment and paleo-pedological development of the Stymphalia catchment (Northern Peloponnese, Greece) and potentially to compare it with the development in the adjacent Pheneos basin. As the PhD project is associated with the CRC-1266 sub-project E1 “Transformations in early Greek Societies and Landscapes”, the temporal focus lies partly on the Bronze Age / Iron Age transition in Greece. During the project we try to connect pedological records from soil profiles and sedimentological records from colluvial deposits with the palaeo-climatic and archaeological data obtained in the sub-project E1. An essential component of this work is the distinction between natural soil formation processes and human intervention in natural space. So far, there is no detailed data available on the current soil types or soil characteristics in the study area, which is essential for a thorough reconstruction of land cover and land use patterns in the past.

CRC 1266 Interlinking group

Human-environmental interaction

Research interests

Geoarchaeology, Archaeology, Soil science, Geomorphology, Palaeoclimate, environmental reconstruction


2012 - 2015
Master of Science in Geoarchaeology at the Philipps University of Marburg
Thesis: The Laacher-Lake-volcano and the middle Lahn area. Geoarchaeological studies on the effects of volcanic eruption on humans and the environment 12.900 years ago.

2008 - 2012
Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology at the Philipps University of Marburg
Thesis: Geoarchaeological studies in the Wenkbach-valley at Oberweimar.

Work experience

archaeological excavation helper and technician in Hessen (Wissenschaftliche Baugrund Archäologie e.V.)

geoarchaeological and soil prospection on the Iberian Peninsula (Philipps University Marburg)

traineeship: fieldwork and soil science analysis in Niederwald at Marburg (Philipps University of Marburg)

traineeship: archaeological excavation helper and soil science analysis at the Roman-Settlement site in Wenkbach (Wissenschaftliche Baugrund Archäologie e.V.)

 traineeship: excavation in Albersdorf (Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel)


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