CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Marianne Talma

Marianne Talma

Social and Technical Developments in the 3rd Millennium (Final Neolithic) of the German Lower Mountain Range

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Subproject D2: Third millennium transformations of social and economic practices in the German Lower Mountain Range


PhD project

Social and technical developments in the 3rd millennium (Final Neolithic) of the German Lower Mountain Range. A study of tools, objects and materials

This project investigates technological changes and subsistence strategies reflected in ceramics, copper objects, lithics and animal bones at the transition from the Final Neolithic to the Bronze Age, ca. 2800 BC. The German Lower Mountain Range is interesting due to its rich mineral resources and diverse eco-zones, and as one the core regions of the Corded Ware phenomenon.

This period is characterized by shifts in burial praxis varying from secondary interments in megalithic monuments of previous times to inhumations in flexed positions, the (dis)appearance of particular ceramic wares, a paucity of observable settlements and a continual development of copper metallurgy. This study seeks to compare long-term craft traditions and (local) variations in the adoption and application of technology and the use of resources. It is also interested in the social processes surrounding knowledge transfer.

By (re)evaluating material from old and recent excavations (primarily from funerary contexts) this study will engage with interpretations of recent aDNA research suggesting the influx of Eurasian peoples into the area (e.g. the Yamnaya).  

The material analysis of objects in museums and depots with pXRF, digital microscopy (and additional analytical methods) complements the study by my colleague Clara Drummer, whose focus is on the archaeological interpretation.

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Quantification and Comparison

Research interests

Archaeometry, Archaeometallurgy, Material Culture Studies, Craftmanship, Technology, Experimental Archaeology


GIS & Geodata (extensive course), GIS Akademie NRW, Dortmund (Germany)

M.A. (double major), Economic and Raw Material Archaeology & Prehistory and Ancient History, Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)
Thesis “The application of black-patinated alloys in the Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age: Technology and technology transfer” (incl. patination experiments on casted arsenical copper alloys & archaeometry)

B.A. Archaeology, Leiden University (the Netherlands)

Work experience

2010 - 2012
Public Archaeology & Experimental Archaeology, Archeon (volunteer Bronze Age),
Alphen aan den Rijn (the Netherlands)

Excavations in St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Caribbean) and the Netherlands

2006 - 2009
Business owner “Monogatari: clothing to (re-)create history”, Delft (The Netherlands)

New Publications