CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Module concept of the IRTG 1266

The training programme of the IRTG 1266 is based on the research concept of the CRC, which combines disciplinary and interdisciplinary science both on project-specific and cross-project levels. The doctoral candidates profit from the transparently organized support of their primary and secondary supervisors as well as from the specialized competences within the respective sub-projects. Moreover, the young researchers are introduced to the content-related discourse of the CRC through active participation in interlinking groups, which particularly facilitates lateral thinking and the prospects as well as challenges of interdisciplinary research in theory and praxis.

With targeted qualification and advanced training elements, motivation for interaction in national and international interdisciplinary research networks, as well as regular evaluations of project progress, the IRTG 1266 supports its young scientists during the various phases of the doctoral programme. As a result, during the six semesters optimal conditions are set for the timely completion of the doctoral projects. 

Module concept

During the six semesters, the three-part module concept of the IRTG 1266 accompanies and supports the doctoral candidates with the various phases of their projects through: individual support and evaluation of the research projects, promotion of interdisciplinary lateral thinking and the encouragement of interaction in national and international research networks.​

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