CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Module 1: Project supervision and targeted training

This module promotes the progress of the projects on a disciplinary level, regulates participation in specific specialist/technical courses and is directed to the individual development of the graduate students. The Doctoral Supervision Agreement ensures regular interactions between the doctoral candidates and their supervisors as well as the scientific quality and the timely realization of the dissertation projects. 

Activities: Disciplinary training according to individual needs (in agreement with the primary supervisor); sub-project meetings and activities

Courses: Subject-specific colloquia** of the primary supervisors/chairs and courses for advanced candidates (e.g. statistics, OxCal, GIS or data management)

Responsible person(s)/group: Primary and secondary supervisors, sub-project PIs, CRC 1266 PostDocs

**The attendance of these courses is mandatory.

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