CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Workshop “Geosophy”

Workshop Geosophy 2017

There are a lot of information „hidden“ in the geography of material remains that we want to uncover. During the workshop we want to discuss and critically assess:

  • To which degree is geographical knowledge reflected in the material remains and how we can investigate it?
  • Is it adequate to map material remains as category of past peoples geographical knowledge?
  • Whether or not past people‘s geographical knowledge is mirrored in the material remains; This refers to the question of how to distinguish between conscious and unconscious spatial traces (e.g. monuments vs. every day remains)
  • Is there a connection between landscape archaeology and the study of geographical knowledge?

Besides this, practical questions arise:

  • Is it possible to model (i.e. using quantitative computer models) geographical knowledge? Is there something like a „hermeneutics of geographical knowledge“ that can be objectified to be used as a model?
  • To which degree it is adequate to follow an inductive or deductive approach in investigating geographical knowledge?
  • What tools are available to „step back“ from our own thinking in order to identify their geographical knowledge?

And the most fundamental point:

  • What is „geographical knowledge“ about? How does it differ from other forms of knowledge? Which tools/approaches offers modern geographic research?


Zentrum für Geoinformation ZfG

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Neufeldtstraße 10
Laurispark - Geb. 32
24118 Kiel

Organised by:

Daniel Knitter and Wolfgang Hamer

CRC 1266 “Scales of Transformation” • Kiel University
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