CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

International Workshop "Habitus, the social dimension of technology and transformation"

June 18-19, 2018, at Kiel University
Workshop Habitus

The workshop focuses on the various scales of social transformation seen from the perspective of human-environmental interaction. Attention is drawn to the importance of technology in transformation processes, especially in its social aspects. The aim is to explore technology as a trigger of socio-cultural change, in its mutual relations with social structures, institutions, power, ideologies, traditions, inequalities and conflicts against the economic and environmental background.

It is assumed that people work in a routine manner, i.e. in a system (habitus) of embodied dispositions, usually shared by people with a similar cultural background, which organize the ways in which individuals perceive the social world around them.

To cope with the new challenges, people actively use various technologies. However in many cases new technologies are introduced almost unconsciously and then they affect the direction of transformation in a slow and evolutionary way. In other cases, some technologies, no matter whether they were adopted consciously or not, reinforced and accelerated certain tendencies in social development. A comparative approach, both in terms of spatial and chronological scale, seems to be an effective tool in understanding and explaining the relation between technology and transformation.

By inviting archaeologists from different countries representing different research traditions, the role of technology will be discussed as a proxy for social transformation in Europe and beyond.

The most important questions addressed are: (1) What is the place of technology among other triggers of social transformation? (2) Is technology a necessary trigger of social change? (3) What accompanying factors accelerate changes but do not cause them? (4) What is the role of migration in the adaptation and use of new technologies?

Interested audience and discussants are welcome to attend!

Here is the official programme: Official Programme Booklet 

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Wissenschaftszentrum, room "Einstein", Kiel University, Fraunhofer Str. 13, 24118 Kiel

Responsible organisers:
Slawomir Kadrow
Mercator fellow of subproject F5 “Social Dimensions of Technological Change"
Kiel Univeristy 

Johannes Müller
Speaker of the CRC 1266
Kiel University




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