SFB 1266 - TransformationsDimensionen


The Holocene – Special issue:
Scales of Transformation – Human-Environmental Interaction in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies
Guest editors: Katharina Fuchs, Wiebke Kirleis and Johannes Müller
Volume 29 Issue 10, October 2019



The concept of socio-environmental transformations in prehistoric and archaic societies in the Holocene: An introduction to the special issue 
Johannes Müller and Wiebke Kirleis 
S. 1517-1530

Adaptations and transformations of hunter-gatherers in forest environments: New archaeological and anthropological insights
Daniel Groß, Henny Piezonka, Erica Corradini, Ulrich Schmölcke, Marco Zanon, Walter Dörfler, Stefan Dreibrodt, Ingo Feeser, Sascha Krüger, Harald Lübke, Diana Panning and Dennis Wilken
S. 1531-1544

Infectious diseases and Neolithic transformations: Evaluating biological and archaeological proxies in the German loess zone between 5500 and 2500 BCE
Katharina Fuchs, Christoph Rinne, Clara Drummer, Alexander Immel, Ben Krause-Kyora and Almut Nebel
S. 1545-1557

Monuments and economies: What drove their variability in the middle-Holocene Neolithic?
Jan Piet Brozio, Johannes Müller, Martin Furholt, Wiebke Kirleis, Stefan Dreibrodt, Ingo Feeser, Walter Dörfler, Mara Weinelt, Hendrik Raese and Annalena Bock
S. 1558-1571

Transforming landscapes: Modeling land-use patterns of environmental borderlands
Daniel Knitter, Jan Piet Brozio, Walter Dörfler, Rainer Duttmann, Ingo Feeser, Wolfgang Hamer, Wiebke Kirleis, Johannes Müller and Oliver Nakoinz
S. 1572-1586

Middle-Neolithic agricultural practices in the Oldenburger Graben wetlands, northern Germany: First results of the analysis of arable weeds and stable isotopes
Dragana Filipović, Jan Piet Brozio, Peter Ditchfield, Stefanie Klooß, Johannes Müller and Wiebke Kirleis
S. 1587-1595

Human impact and population dynamics in the Neolithic and Bronze Age: Multi-proxy evidence from north-western Central Europe
Ingo Feeser, Walter Dörfler, Jutta Kneisel, Martin Hinz and Stefan Dreibrodt
S. 1596-1606

Cultural change and population dynamics during the Bronze Age: Integrating archaeological and palaeoenvironmental evidence for Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany
Jutta Kneisel, Walter Dörfler, Stefan Dreibrodt, Stefanie Schaefer-Di Maida and Ingo Feeser
S. 1607-1621

Modelling landscape transformation at the Chalcolithic Tripolye mega-site of Maidanetske (Ukraine): Wood 1622 demand and availability
Marta Dal Corso, Wolfgang Hamer, Robert Hofmann, René Ohlrau, Liudmyla Shatilo, Daniel Knitter, Stefan Dreibrodt, Philipp Saggau, Rainer Duttmann, Ingo Feeser, Hannes Knapp, Norbert Benecke, Mykhailo Videiko, Johannes Müller and Wiebke Kirleis
S. 1622-1636

Deciphering archeological contexts from the magnetic map: Determination of daub distribution and mass of Chalcolithic house remains
Natalie Pickartz, Robert Hofmann, Stefan Dreibrodt, Knut Rassmann, Liudmyla Shatilo, René Ohlrau, Dennis Wilken and Wolfgang Rabbel
S. 1637-1652

Temporal dynamics of Linearbandkeramik houses and settlements, and their implications for detecting the environmental impact of early farming
John Meadows, Nils Müller-Scheeßel, Ivan Cheben, Helene Agerskov Rose and Martin Furholt
S. 1653-1670

Between natural and human sciences: On the role and character of theory in socio-environmental archeology 
VPJ Arponen, Sonja Grimm, Lutz Käppel, Konrad Ott, Bernhard Thalheim, Yannic Kropp, Kim Kittig, Johanna Brinkmann and Artur Ribeiro
S. 1671-1676