CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Z2: „Datamanagement and Presentation. The Landscape Archaeology Geoportal 'LandMan' as service for the CRC“

Structure Dataportal
Structure Dataportal
Blaschek, M., Gerken, D., Ludwig, R., Duttmann, R., 2015. The CLIMB Geoportal - A web-based dissemination and documentation platform for hydrological modelling data, EGU General Assembly Conference 04/2015, Abstracts, Vienna 17, 6483.

The Z2 project aims at developing a landscape archeological portal for adaptable data management and presentation as a configurable service system for local data integration, data export, universal data management, preprocessing of data, data analysis and data visualization. This structured data archiving portal provides the backbone to achieve multiple applicable corporate standards for joint data evaluation within the CRC.

Principal investigators: Rainer Duttmann, Bernd Thalheim, Michael Blaschek



Kropp, Y. O., Thalheim, B. 2017. Data mining design and systematic modelling. In Selected Papers of the XIX International Conference on Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains (DAMDID/RCDL 2017), pages 273–280. CEUR Workshop Proceedings.



Prof. Dr. Bernhard Thalheim

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