CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Phase 2 - Publications

Kleijne, J.Weinelt, M., Müller, J. 2020. Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic maritime resilience? The 4.2 ka BP event and its implications for environments and societies in Northwest Europe. Environmetal Research Letters 15 (12):125003. DOI

Schirrmacher, J., Andersen, N., Schneider, R.R., Weinelt, M. 2020. Fossil leaf wax hydrogen isotopes reveal variability of Atlantic and Mediterranean climate forcing on the southeast Iberian Peninsula between 6000 to 3000 cal. BP. PLoS ONE 15 (12):  e0243662. DOI

Weinelt, M., Kneisel, J., Schirrmacher, J., Hinz, M., Ribeiro, A. (accepted 2021). Potential responses and resilience of Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age societies to mid-to Late Holocene climate change on the southern Iberian Peninsula. Environmental Research Letters. DOI

New Publications