CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Interlinkage of cross-sectional topics in the CRC 1266

The interlinkage of the four research foci is realised within seven specific interlinking groups. The concept aims at uniting overarching expertise from the different sub-projects to develop comprehensive approaches to prehistoric and archaic transformation processes in all their diversity.

For a comparison of individual transformation processes along their spatial, temporal, and social scales, the interlinkage groups identified cross-cutting topics, which are based in pattern recognition in the data sets and the scientific interpretation and narratives gained so far.

Infographic Cross-sectional topics

Cross-sectional topics link the CRC foci in workgroups and enhance three levels of dialogue and discourses in the CRC 1266: The bi-weekly meetings (Lunchtime Seminar), the interlinkage in workgroup meetings and retreats, and bi-annual international conferences (GSHDL International Open Worshop 2019).

  • “Patterns of power relations” that are traceable in the social and built space and in knowledge production;
  • “Theories and concepts” which enhances our understanding of transformation as complex processes, especially those involving large scale observations and multiple factors; 
  • “Patterns in land use, climate and subsistence” that link the environment with demographic development and economies; 
  • “From patterns to models” which develops models and compares them to the results of pattern recognition techniques; 
  • “Patterns in rituals and worldviews” which focuses on the interlinkages and overlaps between social formations and aims at overcoming simplistic dichotomies and evolutionary perspectives by integrating research on materiality, subsistence strategies, and networks;
  • “Overarching patterns of ancient transformations in Europe”, where transformation throughout the entire CRC are compared to identify fundamental aspects across temporal and spatial scales;
  • “Everything remains different: a digital exhibition” where the scientific results will be transformed into a digital exhibition targeting interested, non-expert adults.

In the Interlinking Groups project and cluster cross-cutting issues, approaches, results, concepts and methods are discussed in a superordinate topical frame. Regular workgroup meetings and retreats ensure a continuous scientific flow on both workgroup and CRC level, strengthening the internal communication and furthering the overall content-related and methodological development. The groups bring together experts from different fields and specific research approaches in “think tanks”. These will provide platforms for achieving innovative concepts and new perspectives within theoretical as well as practical discourses, which in turn will develop a far-reaching understanding of “Scales of transformation”.

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