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Sonja Filatova

Sonja Filatova

Dynamics of Food Economy in Bronze Age Hungary

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Subproject F3: Dynamics of plant economies in ancient societies




PhD project

Title: Dynamics of food economy in Bronze Age Hungary (preliminary)

This project is aimed at identifying transformations of food economies in the Carpathian basin during the Bronze Age, including diachronic transformation from the Neolithic towards the Bronze Age. The key-site investigated during the project is Kakucs-Turján Mögött, a fortified Vatya culture settlement that was inhabited mainly during the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2000-1450 BCE). The study of archaeobotanical macro-remains (charred) and archaeological and ethnographic data are combined in order to identify and explain past transformations.

The focus of the project is especially on the subsistence strategies in the region, but will also include other aspects of food economy, such as food preparation and food culture. Examples of questions approached in the project are: which plants were introduced in the region during the Bronze Age, and why? What (new) crop growing methods were applied? And are societal identifications expressed within food traditions during the Bronze Age?

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Research Interests

Bronze Age Archaeology, archaeobotany, ethnography, anthropology, ethno-archaeobotany


M. Sc. ‘Art History and Archaeology’, University Groningen

B.Sc., ‘Archaeology’, University Groningen


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