CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Module 3: “Interlinking Transformation!”

One of the challenges of the CRC and thus the IRTG 1266 is to overcome stringent disciplinary perceptions in order to open overarching perspectives and ways of thinking. The module “Interlinking Transformation!” leads the doctoral candidates through the interdisciplinary dialogue of the CRC. Current discourses on “Scales of Transformation”, which are discussed at both CRC internal and other meetings, encourage subject-specific openness, scientific inquisitiveness and innovative approaches. The doctoral candidates acquire self-confidence and are trained to competently present themselves in national and international scientific networks.

Activities: Participation in one of the CRC interlinking groups, regular participation in the lunchtime seminars and bi-weekly colloquia, submission of proposals for guest speakers of the bi-weekly colloquium

Courses: CRC 1266 retreats**, lunchtime seminars**, bi-weekly colloquia**

Responsible person(s)/group: Interlinking group (leaders), CRC 1266 members

**The attendance of these courses is mandatory.

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