CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Module 2: “PhDs on track”

Module 2 is a further basic element of the training programme and is implemented for the regular evaluation of dissertation progress. In sessions that are organised according to temporal and content-related intervals, the doctoral students present their results to the expert audience of the CRC and its research network. The doctoral candidates receive feedback on their presentations and valuable content-related impulses for the further development of their research projects. In addition, specific courses related to scientific and personal training are included in this module. 

Activities: Presentation and written short reports (research results, dissertation progress)

Courses: Workshops, courses for scientific and personal training

Responsible person(s)/group: Primary and secondary supervisors, members of the CRC 1266, Graduate Centre of Kiel University     

  • “Transformation begins!”** First internal CRC introductory course with the presentation of the doctoral students’ projects (block course, 2 days). Beforehand, each candidate must submit a short report on current progress, including a dissertation work plan (2 pages, signed by the primary supervisor).
  •  “Transformation in progress…” Freely selectable courses for individual training, e.g. “Presentation Skills”, “Scientific Writing” (in agreement with the primary supervisor). Second internal PhD workshop to reflect on the dissertation progress, including short presentations by the doctoral students (block course, 2 days).
  •  “Transformation takes over!”** To start off or intensify the dissertation writing phase, each candidate must submit a short report on the current state and the planned manuscrpit writing/arcticle submission schedule of his/her doctoral project (2 pages, signed by the primary supervisor).
  •  “Transformation spreads out!”**CRC 1266/GSHDL International Open Workshop (11-15  March 2019), presentation of research results to an international scientific audience and potentially co-organisation of an interdisciplinary session.


**The attendance of these courses is mandatory.

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