CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

International Colloquium: “Hellenistic Architecture and Human Action - A Case of Reciprocal Influence”

Hellenistic Architecture Workshop

The conference focuses on the question of mutual interferences between Hellenistic architectural complexes and human actors:

Landscape &  Architecture: How did landscape interact with architecture and human action in Hellenistic times?

Movement & Space: Which architecturally marked guidelines for human movement in built space can be identified (e.g. in ritual or urban context)?

Architecture, Agency & Perception: How did architecture influence human perception in built space?

Communication & Semantics: In which ways did architecture serve as a means of communication, providing information for people acting in built space?

Invited speakers:

Soi  Agelidis / Henrik  Boman / Luigi  Caliò / Stefan  Feuser / Jochen  Griesbach / Hilmar Klinkott / Philipp Kobusch / Ioannis Mylonopoulos / Barbara Sielhorst / Dirk Steuernagel / Katja Sporn / Rabun Taylor / Jessica van ‘t Westeinde / Bonna Wescoat / Christina Williamson

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