CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Rent-a-Scientist with Dr. Natalie Pickartz

Sep 20, 2021 from 09:35 AM

Internal event of the Gymnasium Schloss Plön

Dr. Natalie Pickartz will hold a lesson for the grade 7 at the  Gymnasium Schloss Plön as part of the Rent-a-Scientist event.

Topic: "Archaeology and geophysics hand in hand - What the magnetic field tells us about past settlements"

Archaeological sites are examined with measurements of the earth's magnetic field. This is similar to an X-ray of the body - but there are other physical correlations. In both cases, we look inside without opening the surface. In contrast to excavations, magnetic prospection is non-destructive and large areas can be examined. We discuss the prerequisites (contrast in magnetisation), the execution of the measurement (planning, measurement setup, procedure) and the interpretation of the measurement data (image interpretation). In addition, the magnetic properties can be used to estimate the mass of the house remains. This information can be helpful to study different building types and the social structure of the settlement.

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