CRC 1266 - Scales of Transformation

Rent-a-Scientist with Dr. Jutta Kneisel

Sep 20, 2021 from 08:30 AM

Internal event of the Schule am Ochsenweg Jevenstedt

Dr. Jutta Kneisel will hold a lesson for grade 4 at the Schule am Ochsenweg Jevenstedt as part of the Rent-a-Scientist event.

Topic: "A Bronze Age burial mound near Bornhöved"

As part of the CRC's Scales of Transformation, Dr. Jutta Kneisel presents the results of archaeological excavations in Bornhöved and the surrounding area.
Why are we actually digging up a burial mound, there are thousands of them. Can't we just flatten it? The burial mound in Bornhöved shows how exciting history can be and what modern archaeological methods can tell us about the people of 3500 years ago. How they lived and celebrated, what didn't suit them and how people were constantly exposed to changes in their living conditions. And how they lived without regard for the environment and why this did not go well for them.

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