SFB 1266 - TransformationsDimensionen

Tagungen & Workshops

International Workshop “Detecting and explaining technological innovation in prehistoric Europe”

23.11.2017 bis 24.11.2017

Invited speakers will discuss changes in the chaîne opératoire for the production of ceramic, lithic and organic artefacts at relatively fine temporal scales, mainly focusing on European prehistory. 
The aim is to observe the process of innovation, from the initial appearance of new technologies to their adoption and diffusion.
In particular, discussion will focus on how technical skills are transmitted and reproduced. However, we also need to understand the social context and historical circumstances before attempting to explain these patterns.
This would lead to a better understanding of the factors promoting innovation in prehistoric societies. Are more egalitarian societies less innovative? Is craft specialisation indivisible from social complexity? Are innovations more acceptable during periods of stability or crisis? Is there a relationship between innovation and inter-connectedness (or isolation)? Is the old idea that every change was driven by external influences really irrelevant today?

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Workshop „Geosophy“

07.12.2017 bis 08.12.2017

Geosophy...a catchy term for the study of geographical knowledge. We think that the spatial distribution and patterning of material remains contain important information about the way how people thought about their world and how they created their landscape. 
During the workshop we want to discuss the different meanings and potentials of geosophy concepts. Besides we will discuss to which degree we are able to reconstruct and model "geographical knowledge" in order to gain new insights for the study of societal transformation processes.

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Internationaler Workshop "GenderTransformations"

08.03.2018 bis 10.03.2018

Gendertransformationen in prähistorischen und archaischen Gesellschaften, 8.–10. März 2018

Innerhalb des Geflechts der unterschiedlichen Komponenten sozialen Verhaltens, nimmt die Kategorie des sozialen Geschlechts in den Gesellschaften von den spätpleistozänen sammelnden und jagenden Gruppen bis zu den frühstädtischen Gemeinschaften eine dominante Rolle ein. So kann eine deutliche Interaktion zwischen Geschlechteridentitäten, sozialer Vielfalt und den im SFB 1266 untersuchten Transformationsprozessen in prähistorischen und archaischen Perioden erwartet werden. Mit dem Workshop möchten wir eine Plattform anbieten für Diskussionen über a) Geschlechtertransformationen in der Vergangenheit und b) die Auswirkungen von Geschlechterungleichheiten auf den wissenschaftlichen Diskurs in unserer Forschungsgemeinschaft.
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PhD Workshop "Building Big? Global Scales of Monumentality"

12.03.2018 bis 24.03.2018

Kohima in Nagaland, India

building bigThe Nordic School of Archaeology "Dialogues with the Past" organizes a workshop that is comined with a PhD course on issues of monumentality in Kohima, India. The course will take place in Nagaland together with students and lecturers from Northeast India and the "Naga megaliths" will be one aspect of daily experience.

Applications are welcome until September 30th, 2017. More information: hompage and PDF.

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