SFB 1266 - TransformationsDimensionen

Interne Treffen

MOSAICpattern Summer School

20.09.2021 bis 24.09.2021

Virtuelles Treffen

Applied Point Pattern Analysis in Archaeology

During the September event, we will put theory into practise and apply the reproducible research approach to a specific case study using point pattern analysis. We aim to jointly publish the results in an open access journal afterwards!

  • Max. Participants (12)
  • Deadline for application: 13.09.2021


Details The increasing use of quantitative methods and computer-based analytical tools in scientific work is accompanied by a crisis of reproducibility. This is mainly due to the lack of basic knowledge of how to use computers, how to integrate data into them and how to transform them into an analysable form. In combination with proprietary software, this creates a world of science whose findings are no longer comprehensible by other colleagues, and corresponding findings are more like advertising promises than genuine knowledge generation. This is a paradox, since it is very easy to work transparently and comprehensively in the field of computer-based data analysis - at least if certain basic rules of scientific work are considered. New skills are best acquired through trial and error. Accordingly, in this series of events we focus very much on practice and teach participants the core competencies of transparent and reproducible work by means of a landscape archaeological point pattern analysis. Due to the current situation, the event will take place digitally. The individual blocks can also be attended individually, however, the September course requires R knowledge. Attendance at the R introduction is sufficient for this.

Please enrol by email: office@sfb.uni-kiel.de.

We will then send you further information. Please note that all events are entirely digital. You will receive the link for the video conference in given time after registration

More Information (PDF)

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Introduction into our new 3D-Scanner

01.11.2021 um 00:00 bis 02.11.2021 um 00:00

Dear Offices,

Hendrik and I will give at 1st and 2nd November 2021 an introduction into our new 3D-Scanner.

The practical course is aimed at graduates of the SFB and Roots as well as Master's students who are about to write their theses with findings.
The function and mode of operation of the 3D scanner will be taught and can be tried out on your own material.

Max 10 Persons

The people can apply in Olat.

Hendrik Raese M.Sc.

ROOTS / Graduiertenschule "Entwicklung menschlicher Gesellschaften in Landschaften" (GS HDL)

Exzellenzcluster ROOTS, Leibnizstraße 3, R. 124
Telefon: +49 431 880-5922
Telefax: +49 431 880-5498

Dr. Jutta Kneisel

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin JMA

Leibnizstr. 3, R.135 / JMS4 R. 143
Telefon: +49 431 880 5925/3372
Telefax: +49 431 880 5498/7300

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